The Journey and the Dream Bob & Penny Lord's Story
A book filled with tears and laughter
a true story about two people who loved,
and lost, and learned to love again.

Walk with Bob and Penny as they share with you the story of their life, 

their different ethnic (Italian-Irish) and geographical backgrounds (Brooklyn-Bronx),

how they met, fell in love and married.

how they embraced Jesus and His Church and then walked away after the death of their son to an overdose of drugs.

Walk with them through those difficult years where they lived in limbo, looking for a path home.

Revel in God's Graces as He brought them home through His Mother in a miraculous way.

"God gives us an impossible task to fulfill, then sends Heavenly Angels and earthly one to make it happen. One of them is Mother Angelica - a light in the darkness. If ever I believed in Angels, and God's Mercy and sense of humor, I do now!"
Learn about their great love for the Miracles of the Eucharist, the Apparitions of Mother Mary, the Angels and the Saints.

Walk with them through their pilgrimage ministry in which they shared their great love for the Shrines of Europe and the Holy Land with fellow Catholics.

Be there as the Lord used Mother Angelica to bring Bob and Penny into the Television Ministry.
See how their Book Ministry has grown into a Television and Radio Ministry 

Join them on their Lecture tours as they share these gift the Lord has given them.  
Read about the most exciting new Apostolate the Lord has given to them, the answer to their eleven years of Wandering in the Desert, The Holy Family Mission.

Highlights from this must read book! 
God gives us a today to love - Two kids from Brooklyn and the Bronx meet and fall in love

God's Gift of Memories - The good times and the sad times

Farewell Son - until we meet again - Bob and Penny lose their son

Come Back to Me  - Jesus brings Bob and Penny back to Him

There’s a New World somewhere - Bob and Penny go on their Marriage Encounter
God Sends Us on a Pilgrimage  - God opens their eyes to the Shrines of the Saints

I’m for going on - The Lord sends a child (their grandson) to keep them going
Saints in Training  - Bob and Penny begin a Junior Legion of Mary

Flowers of the Church - De Colores - Happy Fourth Day - the Cursillo movement
Where do we go now Lord? - An eleven year search for a Mission
Our Cup Runneth over  - The Lord gives the community Holy Family Mission    
The Journey and the Dream - the Journey continues - Is the Journey the Dream?

The Journey and the Dream Bob and Penny Lord Autobiography book


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    Bob and Penny Lord are renowned Catholic authors and hosts on EWTN Global Catholic Television Network. Our Ministry is Evangelization through communications. Since 1975, Bob and Penny travelled all over the world to Catholic Shrines and have brought these back in the forms of books, CDs and DVDs.

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