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Miracles of the Eucharist History

History of the Introduction of Miracles of the Eucharist

to the Catholic Church in the USA.


In the 1970's while on Pilgrimage to the Shrines of Italy, Bob and Penny Lord, renowned Catholic authors,

visited the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi in Siena, Italy.

Inside the Church they discovered one of the Blessed Sacrament Miracles - The Miracle of the Eucharist of Siena.

At that time they met the custodian of the Miracle, Father Antonio Giannini.

He immediately began to give them a lot of information about
Blessed Sacrament Miracles and other Eucharist stories all over Europe.

It turns out that Father Antonio was the foremost authority on Miracles of the Eucharist in the world.

He even wrote a book about them so years earlier and sold only a few copies.

A few years later after giving much information to Bob and Penny, he asked them the question,

"When are you going to write your book?'

At that time Bob and Penny were directing Pilgrimages

and had no intention to write a book,
nor had they ever written one.

Sister Briege McKenna purchased a copy of Bob and Penny Lord's book Blessed Sacrament Miracles titled "Miracles of the Eucharist" and give it to a supporter in Europe. 

That supporter was also a supporter of Mother Angelica, Foundress of EWTN Eternal Word Television Global Television Network.

He subsequently gave that book to Mother Angelica.

She read it and contacted Bob and Penny Lordand did an interview on her station

and at the end of that interview, Mother invited Bob and Penny Lord to do a Series on Miracles of the Eucharist,

which was the first series for both.

After a divine turn of events, they wrote the book, Miracles of the Eucharist in 1986.

By another divine turn of events, Mother Angelica, foundress of Eternal Word Global television network,

asked them to come to Birmingham and talk about this book.

During the interview, December 1986, she asked them to do a series on Miracles of the Eucharist.

That was the beginning of the Catholic Church in America being exposed to the Miracles of the Eucharist

The four Best Known Miracles of the Eucharist DVD















The oldest recorded Miracle of the Eucharist in the History of the Church
See the Host Which changed into a Human Heart and the Wine Which changed into Human Blood  - The Miracle is still there for you to venerate.
God took people from four parts of Europe, brought them together to give us a Miracle of the Eucharist in Bolsena/Orvieto which brought about the Feast of Corpus Christi from which we have received the hymns by St. Thomas Aquinas  Salutaris and Tantum Ergo


God comes to the aid of a priest who has lost his love for the Eucharist
See the pages of the Breviary which bled and formed the Face of Christ 
on the page where the Host had bled

The Lord proves without a doubt the Real Presence of Jesus

in the Eucharist in Hosts
which we receive at every Mass.
See the incorrupt Hosts, in their original state after 276 years.

When John Paul II visited the Shrine of the

Miracle of the Eucharist of Siena
 he said, "It is the Presence."

This dvd has been:
Translated into many languages, and shown world-wide.

Special messages by Mother Angelica of EWTN and
Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

This Eucharistic Miracles video/dvd has been shown at major Marian - Eucharistic Conferences, in churches, to prayer groups, CCD classes, on Cursillo weekends, on Retreats, at Cenacles of Marian Movement of Priests, to foster Eucharistic Adoration, and more.

Blessed Sacrament Miracles

Saints and Lovers of the Eucharist. 

Mother Mary - #1 lover of the Eucharist
St. Thomas Aquinas - Angelic Doctor
St. Ignatius of Antioch - Martyred for the Faith
St. Peter Julian Eymard - Eucharistic Adorer
Mother Angelica - Defender of the Faith
St. John Vianney - Patron of Parish Priests
St. Therese of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque - Consumed in His Presence like a burning taper
St. Paschal Baylon - Although never a Priest, he is Patron of Eucharistic Congresses and Confraternities of the Blessed Sacrament

Blessed Sacrament Miracles - St. Paschal Baylon - Taken from Saints and Lovers of the Eucharist

St. Paschal Baylon is a contradictory sign in the Church. He was never a priest, and yet his name is synonymous with the Eucharist. For a Lay person to be given the official title of Patron of all Eucharistic Congresses and Confraternities of the Blessed Sacrament, how could this be?

When we wrote of other Saints and powerful Men and Women in the Church, you complained we had not written enough about lay persons who had become Saints. Well, here we have not only a lay person who became a Saint, but he is Saint of the Eucharist, Patron to Eucharistic Congresses and Confraternities of the Blessed Sacrament. Our last two Popes, in particular, have been turning to the laity to evangelize, telling us by virtue of our Baptism, we are mandated to evangelize. It is not only their Church, as we so conveniently used to pass the buck. We are part of them. It is our Church, and we can lose her or save her. It is up to us.

When a Eucharistic Minister asked a priest: What should we do if we see someone leaving the Altar with the Eucharist in his hand? And he replied, "Nothing, it is between that person and the Lord." What do you think St. Paschal Baylon would have done? So do we visit Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament? Do we sign up for only one hour per month to spend with the Lord, so that our church can have Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration? What do you think St. Paschal would have done?

He never had as close a relationship with the Eucharist as a priest would have. And while we were surprised to hear it, we have been saying for years that the laity is the strength behind the Church. And while we don’t put ourselves in the same category as St. Paschal Baylon, in the Catholic world, our name is synonymous with the Eucharist also. Another interesting thing about Paschal Baylon is that outside his little town in Spain, his name is virtually unknown.

We first heard the name Paschal Baylon when we lived in Westlake Village in California. Our parish church was St. Jude’s. But the neighboring town, Thousand Oaks, has as their parish church, St. Paschal Baylon. So we knew there was a Paschal Baylon, and that he was a Saint. We must say, after having read about him, he is a most fascinating Saint, and truly a Powerful Man in our Church.

Miracle of thge Eucharist of Sie
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Bob and Penny Lord are renowned Catholic authors and hosts on EWTN Global Catholic Television Network. Our Ministry is Evangelization through communications. Since 1975, Bob and Penny travelled all over the world to Catholic Shrines and have brought these back in the forms of books, CDs and DVDs.

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